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Q: Will Window Wonder® fit any size window?
Yes. The Window Wonder® rods are 48" long. The 2 connectors in each package enables you to make any size frame up to 16 linear feet total per package.

Q: Is Window Wonder® difficult to install?
Not at all. You simply cut the plastic rods with rose bush cutters to length, snap together the frame and slide in your lights. The frame (with lights) is then inserted in the window between the sill and top window jamb. A typical window should take 15 minutes or less.

Q: Is Window Wonder® reusable?
Yes. After the Christmas holidays, remove Window Wonder® from the window and store intact for reuse year after year or change lights for another holiday, for example, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Easter, etc.

Q: Is Window Wonder® used indoors or out?
Indoors. There is no need to go out in the weather with Window Wonder® . You could use it outdoors, but it was designed for indoor use.

Q: Can you see the lights from the outside as well as inside?
Absolutely. The midget lights are completely visible indoors and out.

Q: What is Window Wonder® made of?
Plastic (PVC - polyvinyl chloride).

Q: How does it stay in the window?
It is a friction fit (squeeze fit) between the window sill and the top window jamb. The vinyl end caps protect your woodwork from scratches.

Q: What kind of lights may be used with Window Wonder® ?
Window Wonder® accommodates most midget or miniature lights. Note: Due to the new USA UL Standard a couple of light sockets on the string will be larger than the rest. Simply use a cutoff of Window Wonder® rod and make the notch larger by snapping it in and wiggling it.

Q: Are lights included?
The packages you find at stores do not contain lights. But when you order online, we include lights FREE!

Q: Does Window Wonder® work for arched windows?
Yes. All arches are not the same. When building your frame you must find places to friction-fit a little extension to hold your frame in place.

Q: Will it work in a picture window?
Yes, however, it may be necessary to utilize two or more smaller frames in the larger picture window.

Q: Are there any problems with blinds or draperies?
Draperies present no problem for Window Wonder® . In some cases, blinds may preclude its use or require that the lights face the window glass. You may also mount Window Wonder® horizontally.

Q: What color is available?
White (neutral).

Q: Are there other uses for Window Wonder® ?
Yes. Many of our customers have told us how they used Window Wonder® : making signs, highlighting signs, lighting up catering tables, decorating parade floats and boats for Christmas boat parades. There are countless applications for Window Wonder® .


Download Assembly Video:
Small Version 5.5MB
Large Version 22.5MB

(Both require QuickTime)

Assembly Instructions
Assembly Photos


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Troubleshooting FAQs
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