You can assemble Window Wonder® simply and easily!

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Step 1.
To make frame, measure window from sill to to top window jamb (A). Remove vinyl end caps. Cut rod lengths to approximately 1/8" less than vertical window dimension (A) - necessary to to allow for vinyl end-caps. After cutting, replace caps. Installing connectors - Cut between teeth (See Diagram 1a) to maintain proper spacing and install connector. Keep connector away from corners. Securely fasten connector to rods before measuring and cutting rods to final length. (See Diagram 1b)

Step 2.
Cut horizontal rods. Horizontal dimension should be the distance between the vertical rods plus 2" allowing for 1" to extend on either side.

Step 3.
Build your frame by friction fitting left and right rods in window between sill (C) and top window jamb (D) with notches (lights) facing indoors (away from glass). Note: Slide caps up or down for snug friction fit (similar to tension rods). (See diagram 4) Cap and connector accessory packs available here.

Step 4.
Snap or roll horizontal support into notch of vertical length. Pull and twist to remove/reset. Make sure rods are perpendicular when snapping together. (See Diagram 2)

Step 5.
Test fit frame without lights then remove frame from window and place on table or floor. Make sure plug is at the bottom of frame. Slide miniature lights into notches by placing corner of light into bottom of notch and push in and up for secure fit. (See Diagram 3) Skip a few notches between each light.


Installation Hints:
1. Remove and store intact with lights on frame for easy and quick installation year after year.

2. For picture windows, assemble several small frames. (See diagram 5)

3. For windows without sills, it may be necessary to hang frame. Install hooks to top of window frame or to sash locks as necessary.

4. For windows with blinds, it may be necessary to horizontally mount and/or install with lights facing glass.

5. Light strings with ornaments (pumpkins, M &M's) should be wrapped around Window Wonder frame. 6. If light does not fit into notch, use a piece of Window Wonder rod to slightly open up notch.

Download Assembly Video:
Small Version 5.5MB
Large Version 22.5MB

(Both require QuickTime)



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Download Assembly Video:
Small Version 5.5MB
Large Version 22.5MB

(Both require QuickTime)


Patent No. 5700083

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